It was my pre-bootcamp project in Gojek, to add Prometheus support to Darkroom for scraping metrics and displaying it on a dashboard using Grafana.

It was my first experience working on an open source project, it was interesting as well as daunting to work on such a big code base. We were a team of two, me and Chaitanya, assigned as our pre-bootcamp project.

Let me quickly introduce Darkroom and Prometheus.

Darkroom logo

Darkroom is an image processor tool and acts as an image proxy on your image source. It is stateless, can use multiple storage backends and customisable where you can…

When I was asked to write something about my role model, I thought for a while but since I never had any thought of deciding my role model, I decided to write about a man who’s story amazed me and also inspired me to go out of currently laid social norms and fills my heart with passion towards using coding to solve real world challenges.

So gear up ladies and gentleman, here I am introducing you to William Benter popularly known as Bill Benter to the gambling world, considered by many as the most successful gambler in the history of…

In my childhood I got extremely fascinated with video games, which is steady still. They were the reasons of multiple skipped lunches, hours of sittings and yeah the extreme joy on completing a mission.

I remember the first game I was hooked to was Contra, an arcade game. It was a two player game, which I along with my friend used to play multiple hours straight, since there was no save stage functionality, so if the game was quitted, you have to start from level 1.

Shivam Dev Singh

Product Engineer @ Gojek

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